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Together, We Help Businesses Grow

Ensure your clients get the funding they need from a lender they can trust.

Partnership Benefits

With other lenders it can take hours, or even days to get contracts signed just to have your deal get killed at funding. We value your time, that's why our underwriters run background checks before providing any offers for complete files to avoid  within 1-2 hours after receiving 
Above Average Commission Payouts
Syndication Opportunities
Same Day Funding
Little to No Required Stipulations
Background Check
Completed Upfront
Easily Tailor Offers to Meet Client Needs

View & Track Every Submission & Funded Deal

We strongly believe that transparency and respect is key in developing trustful long lasting relationships with our partners. 

Want to learn more? Call us: (212) 895-0211

Some Additional Benefits:

Flexible Partnership

We customize the way we work with our ISOs to price match, make adjustments to offers, in order to help ensure that your merchant's needs are satisfied. 

Accessible Funding

We make it simple for your customers to move through the funding process via our fast & intuitive online system. Merchant's can schedule their funding call through a direct link and receive automatic updates before hand. We understand our clienteles' needs and optimize everything we do to ensure our partners and customers enjoy working with us.

Full Service Support

We’re committed to helping your customers succeed. Our responsive phone and email support make it easy for your merchants to get the right guidance to reach their goals or overcome any problems or issues they may face.

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